81 Anniversary verses for mother & dad - part 6


Children do not realize
till childhood days are past
How deep
their parents' love can be,
How long that love can last --
They do not fully understand
How helpful are their ways,
How kind and thoughtful
are their deeds,
How busy are their days...

But as they grow,
they come to know,
In one way or another,
The happiness and love and care
Bestowed by
Dad and Mother,
And when a special day appears,
What they want most to do
Is to say, in all sincerity,
"Thank heaven for you two!"

With Love on Your
Anniversary and Always


For a Wonderful Mother and Dad

This anniversary greeting
is coming to convey
The heartfelt thanks
so often left unsaid from day to day,
And for the thoughtful
things you've done
and all that you still do,
May all the joy
you so deserve
return today to you.

Happy Anniversary
With Love


Although this is your special day
to share with one another,
It's special, too, for everone
who love you, Dad and Mother...
That's why so many loving thoughts
come with this wish for you
For everything to make this day
just perfect for you two!

Happy Anniversary
With Love


For Mother and Father
On Your Anniversary

This special anniversary wish
that comes with love to you
Brings warm and heartfelt thanks
for all the thoughtful things you do--
It also comes to let you know
you both mean more each day
To everyone your lives have touched
in such a loving way.

Happy AnniversaryWith Love

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