81 Anniversary verses - part 1


Wishing you all the joys and
special blessings of God's love.

Happy Anniversary


An Anniversary
wish for
two happy
one happy life.

Happiness Always!


May His light shine down
upon you now to bless this
special day.

Wishing You Blessings
On Your Anniversary


May memories of all you've shared
be in your hearts today,
And may they fill the coming years
with love that's there to stay

Happy Anniversary


For a Special Couple...
May all the happiness you've known
through years that now have passed...
Continue through the years ahead --
each happier than the last!

Happy Anniversary


May every new tomorrow
bring new beauty to discover,
New joys to fill your hearts,
new dreams to guide you
on your way,
May every new tomorrow
draw you closer to each other...
May every new tomorrow
keep the promise of today.

Happy Anniversary
Happiness Always


Precious things
are very few --
That's why there's
just one "two of you!"

Happy Anniversary


A light, happy heart,
A bright, happy day --
that's what you're wished
with much love today!

Happy Anniversary


Wishing you
the very best,
A wonderful day
and all the rest --
Good health, good cheer,
good luck, good friends,
And happiness
that never ends!

Happy Anniversary


With many
special thoughts of you
and prayers
that God will bless
Your anniversary
and your year
with every happiness.

God Bless You Both
On Your Anniversary


As you celebrate
your anniversary,
may God give you
the precious assurance
that through His love
the best is yet come.

Best Wishes
on Your Anniversary


It's a special time
for sharing
warmest thoughts
and wishes, too,
That are coming
from the hearts of those
who think
the world of you!

Happy Anniversary


Remembering you both
When your special day is here
With all the warmth and feeling
That's felt for you all year.

Happy Anniversary


You both deserve
much happiness
So stop and celebrate!
and have an anniversary
That's absolutely


Wishing You Blessings
on Your Anniversary...
...for an anniversary
filled with
cherished memories
and deep happiness...
May His light shine down
upon you now to bless
this special day.


May your special day be filled
with all the joys of friendship,
laughter and love.

Happy Anniversary


May the nicest things that
life can hold be yours today
and always.

Happy Anniversary


Love touches two lives so sweetly,
warms them with a gentle joy...
makes them one completely.

Happy Anniversary To AWonderful Couple

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