81 Anniversary verses - part 2


The special joys of sharing life
together...May these be yours
today and everyday.

Happy Anniversary


"When two people believe that love
is forever, it shows in the life they've
created together." A good marriage
doesn't just happen. It is made out
of wisdom and compromise, sharing
and caring. There is laughter, not
only in the good times but in the
not-so-good times, too. There is
love...Love for all the seasons. Love
that remains strong. Love that grows
like a flower and blooms with
happiness through all the wonderful
years you share.

Happy Anniversary


Here's to the past -- and the joys
you've both known. Here's to the
present -- this day all your own.
And here's to the future -- may
every new day be especially
happy for you, every way!

Happy Anniversary


Wishing you a special day that's
filled with nothing less than
lovely hours brightened by your
love and happiness...Wishing you
more happy years to share as
husband and wife, with special
dreams and memories to cherish
all of your life.

Happy Anniversary


You're living proof that dreams
come true...Hope today is
special for both of you!

Have A Wonderful Anniversary


May your Anniversary
be a day that brings to
both of you special
moments, happy thoughts
and warmest memories.

Happy Anniversary


Another's heart is a rare
and fragile gift. Hold it
gently with both hands.
May you always be each
others Greatest Gift.

Happy Anniversary


You're two special people
Special in the way
You care about others
Special in the things you do,
Special in the way
You're always there
for each other ----
Special in the love you share.

Happy Anniversary


Love brought you together
as husband and wife...
...and gave each of you
a best friend for life

Happy Anniversary


Scientists have discovered
that the longer people
stay married, the more
they begin to look alike.
You better start putting
name tags in your underwear.

Happy Anniversary!


God gave you two
a special love
to share...
...because He knew
how much you
would cherish it.

Happy Anniversary


May today be filled
with happy memories
of the past...
bright hopes
for the future.

Happy Anniversary


Music is love
in search of a word
You make such
beautiful music

Happy Anniversary


It's such a joy
to know
two people
so much in love.

Happy Anniversary


Joining with you
in celebrating
another year in love

Happy Anniversary


Happy Anniversary
...to a couple who
really takes romance
to heart.

Have A Wonderful Day


Why even think about
a second honeymoon...
...when there's no evidence
that you two have even
finished your first!

Happy Anniversary


An anniversary is a time
to celebrate the joys of today,
the memories of yesterday
and the hopes of tomorrow.

Happy Anniversary


Your anniversary is a special
day when time stands still,
when the past and the present
blend in your memories,
touch your dreams, and love's
sweet beginning has no end...

Have A Wonderful Day


You pledged to share your
life and love forever, you
joined your hearts for all
eternity...As you recall
your years together
remember that the best
is yet to come!

Happy Anniversary


Two people...
One love...
One life...!
Happy Anniversary

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