81 Anniversary verses - part 3


One love that
is shared
by two!

Happy Anniversary


Love is two people joined as one,
taking each day as it comes.

Happy Anniversary


May you continue to
grow and love each
other throughout
your lives.

Happy Anniversary


The path that leads to
happiness is so narrow
that two cannot walk on
it unless they have
become one.

Blessings On Your Anniversary


As we learn, let us share.
As we take, let us give.
As we weep, let us care.
As we love, let us live.

Best Wishes On Your


Together we grow each day,
together we increase our joys
and divide our sorrows and
come to understand each
other in love. In that love,
God holds us together always.

Happy Anniversary


Two souls in one,
two hearts into one heart...

Best Wishes On Your


The mystery is...
How does love begin?
The Challenge is how
to make it stay.
The magic is when
it does...

Happy Anniversary


May you always be warmed by
each other's smile, always take
time to walk and talk a while,
always know deep down you're
each other's best friend, and
enjoy the kind of love that grows
and knows no end.
Wishing You an 'always' kind
of love!

Happy Anniversary


Your marriage seems to be a
long-running hit.
Encore! Encore!

Happy Anniversary


Moans! Sighs! Fevered shouts!
Haven't you two learned yet?
Never pay bills on your

Have a Happy One


May this very special day
Be blessed with warmth and love,
May it hold the happiness
You're so deserving of...
And then as all the other days
Throughout the years unfold,
May you have all the special joys
Two happy hearts can hold.

For Your Anniversary
Wishing You Blessings


You're always being thought of
In the very warmest way,
And you're wished
The finest things in life
Today and every day!

Happy Anniversary!


An anniversary is one of those
special days that brings back
cherished memories.

May the memories you cherish
And the joys that you recall
Help make this anniversary day
Your very best of all,
And may these truly happy years
Of seeing dreams come true
Be a promise of still greater joy
In the years ahead of you!

Congratulations on
Your Special Day



You're always being thought of
In the very warmest way,
And you're wished
The finest things in life
Today and every day!


For our anniversary; The keys to
life are friendship, laughter, and
love...Through all our days
together, I hope you know you
will always be my best friend, you
will always be my true love.

Happy Anniversary


Happy Anniversary to the one
I'll always want, even when I'm
too old to remember what I'm
supposed to want you for.


True love is spending one day
getting married... And the rest
of your life feeling glad you did.

Happy Anniversary With All
My Love.


After all these years
together - hanging out
with you is still my
favorite thing to do.

Happy Anniversary


To the One I Love
on Our Anniversary
Words cannot express
all I hold within my heart.
You've made every moment
worth remembering

Happy Anniversary

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