81 Anniversary verses - part 4


My Husband,
You are my partner,
my sweetheart, my
confidante and advisor,
my comforter and friend...
You are my quiet place
away from the rest
of the world

Happy Anniversary


Love is as simple as
candlelight and roses...
...love is day-to-day living.
taking time, making time to
be there with open arms
and a giving heart.
Love is the special
life we share.

Happy Anniversary


All my love...
to the one
who shares
all my life.

Happy Anniversary


Always and forever
...that's how long
I'll love you.

Happy Anniversary, Darling


You are two very important
things to me... You are
my husband and my best

Happy Anniversary, Darling


We began as strangers.
We became friends.
We became one with each other...
We remain as one forever.

Happy Anniversary
To The One I Love!


As the sun begins a new day,
so our love begins a new
chapter in our lives!

Happy Anniversary, Darling


On our wedding day,
I married my best friend,
the one I laugh and cry
with, strive to always
understand, live for,
dream with and love.

Happy Anniversary, Darling


We blended our lives and
hearts upon our wedding
day. We have strengthened
the bond between us with
each day that has passed.
I will continue to love you
all the days of our lives.

Happy Anniversary, Dearest


Our marriage is magic
and our lives are filled
with love and understanding.

Happy Anniversary ToThe One I Love!

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