7 Valentines day verses

On Valentine's Day

Parents as wonderful as you
deserve only the very best --

S'pose that's why you got me?

Happy Valentine's Day!


You ask for so little,
yet you both give so much --
Help when it's needed,
a warm gentle touch...
You don't ask for thanks,
yet we can't help but say
How grateful we are
for you both every day...
You don't ask for love,
yet we're sure there are few
Parents anywhere
who are loved more than you!

Happy Valentine's Day
to Both of You


Who could ask for more than this --
A wife so sweet and dear
She fills our home with happiness
Each day throughout the year
A wife like you whose loving ways
And sunny smiles combine
To make me glad I chose you
For my lifelong Valentine

With Love To My Wife


You are the dream
that came true for me.

Happy Valentine's Day


To My Wife on Valentine's Day

To someone I count on so much every day,
Who cheers me whenever I'm blue,
Forgets my mistakes and the cross things I say
And shares in whatever I do,
Who makes home a place where I'm happy to be,
Who stands for the best things in life,
Who always will mean just the whole world to me --
That wonderful someone --my wife!

I Love You, Darling


A Valentine From Your Wife

What Husband Means To Me...
"Husband" means patience
And warm understanding,
"Husband" means love
That is never demanding,
"Husband" means wisdom
And gentleness, too,
"Husband" means all this,
For "Husband" means you!

Happy Valentine's DayWith Love

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